We build your back-office
in 5 days

Give your team the tools they need to scale,
without delays.

Louis understood our needs very well and was able to develop the expected tool in due time. He was very good advice and was able to take relevant initiatives. In addition to the efficient deliverable, the collaboration with Louis is easy. He is dynamic and communication is clear.

Bertille Aghroum - Product Manager @ Zoov

Days of building a back-office from scratch are over 🤯

We're developers with 10+ years of experience.
We use no-code tools to deliver valuable products in record time.

We define your most valuable use-cases

We help you scope your project into chunks of up to 10 days. Beyond that, you're probably doing it wrong.

We build like we're part of your team.

We provide regular updates on the build process and the challenges we face. All without taking much of your time (we mostly work asynchronously).

We get your team onboard

We give a demo to your team so they can use the tool right away. We also take dedicated time to hand over the project to your tech team.

How are we so fast ?

We use Retool, the most efficient low-code platform to build in record time the interface for your team.

Tons of pre-built components

We don't reinvent the wheel. Tables and buttons are just a click away.

Plug any data

Wether it's SQL database, a GraphQL endpoint, a Snowflake data lake or a REST API, it works.

10+ years of experience

We developped many back-offices for years and we know it's not about the latest JS framework. It's all about optimizing for change.

Book a 20min demo

Louis Lafont • Product, Software & Business automation Engineer

I took the entrepreneurial route after 10 years of software engineering, including 4 years in a high-growth startup.

I know the drill

You've proudly launched. You've built an API, a website, your sales process is shaping up quite well, customer success is starting to get results: growth is coming!

Now, this is what most founders get WRONG

You re-prioritize the tech team and make room to process your operations into a comprehensible back-office. It will take weeks. Should we use React? Vue? What about hosting and authentication ?

By the time they've built the first UI, your processes have drastically changed. You're a fast-growing company, what did you expect?


What's your pricing?

We set an indicative price of 700€ per day

Do I need a Retool subscription?

Yes. Retool offers a free plan that only allows editor mode which is not appropriate for end-users (your team). You'll risk breaking the app.
Check out Retool's pricing for more details.

Can I trust Retool with such a critical aspect of my business?

We understand. But think for a second... how many companies do you think you're relying upon right now? Your hosting provider, your log aggregator, your customer support desk. Your JS framework alone has at least a dozen dependencies. Trust is important but you're already giving much more trust than you think. Retool is a solid company with plenty of renowned customers that rely upon them every day.

Are you affiliated with Retool?

No. We just happen to find their product very good and useful for anyone wanting to create back-offices and internal tools.

Why Retool and not [insert your favorite tool here]?

We've tested most of the similar tools. And frankly, Retool is the most straightforward yet powerful we found. It has great documentation and community for when you're stuck. We just happen to be more productive with it, and so will you.

I need feature X that is not in Retool.

Although Retool is primarily made to speed up development by avoiding you reinventing the wheel, it's still fully customizable with Javascript like any webapp. If you need a custom component that's possible (but takes longer to build).

Is Retool always going to be your go-to platform?

Not necessarily. While Retool is awesome, the industry is moving fast and it's our job to stay in the loop and pick the best tools to stay ahead. We're always happy to learn about new tools 😊.

Will I be able to build upon what you started ?

Of course. We dedicate time to hand over the project to your tech team so they can continue building depending on your resources' availability.